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Come into our garden…

What do gardens tell us about leadership?  Would you rather work on Tuesday or Wednesday?  This approach works well with any organization. Try it!  Linda and Mary

The Tuesday garden:

• The facilitator has the authority to direct

• You are told what job you will do

• When problems arise you consult or ask permission from the designated facilitator

• The facilitator does not invite yours or other’s opinions

• The focus is on task and there is a right way to do it. Little attention given to relationships.

• If the facilitator is absent, others are unclear what work is to be done

• Purpose becomes lost in the immediacy of the work

The Wednesday Garden

• Anyone on the schedule that day can assume authority to assist in facilitation

• You choose what tasks you want to do on this day

• You work with others to solve problems as they arrive

• You will be asked your opinion and will be listened to

• Relationships and genuine

camaraderie are encouraged

• Knowledge of the work is shared; innovation is invited

• The purposes of community gardening are frequent topics of conversations

Lambert and Gardner, Women’s Ways of Leading, 2010




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