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Arab Press reviews The Cairo Codex

The Cairo Codex 

This page-turner will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Dr. Justine Jenner, an anthropologist and daughter of an Egyptian mother and an American archeologist father is sent to Cairo to work on a UNESCO Community Schools for Girls program.

Before she can even begin her assignment, she is nearly buried in the crypt of St. Sergius Church when an earthquake hits.  She is rescued but shaken and doesn’t realize until later that – in collecting her things in the subsequent blackout – she has inadvertently grasped an ancient codex (the stage between scrolls and books).  The crypt is believed to have been the cave home of the Holy Family during their stay in Egypt to escape Herod’s armies.  When carbon dating is performed on the codex and a team of scholars examines it, they determine it to be the diary of the Virgin Mary.

The book moves back and forth between Justine’s time and that of Mary as we read her diary.  The contents of the codex are so startling to both Christian and Muslim faiths that their disclosure might trigger violent reactions.  The Muslim Brotherhood is further provoked to action as it prepares to take over the political reins of the country.

This discovery will challenge accepted belief in history and religion.  It will also raise questions of just how much knowledge the world deserves – or is prepared – to receive.

The Cairo Codex is the first in what will be The Justine Trilogy.

-review by Arab Vistas Today



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