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So—you want to write a novel…

It is said that vast numbers of people have—or believe they have—the GreatAmerican Novel inside them. Perhaps that is so, in that the novel blends our imagination and dreams, our biographies and experiences, our hurts and disappointments. We can decide how life turns out. We can shape our destinies.

A few ideas to consider as you undertake this magnificent, mammoth task:

1)   Do you have a concept or story that will carry you through to the end?

2)   Can you unravel the threads of your story into intriguing characters and sub-plots?

3)   Will you discipline yourself to find the time to write each day?

4)   Do you enjoy spending time alone, inside your own imagination?

5)   Can you write fully, joyfully, and freely without worrying about publication? (more on that soon)

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