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Very best gift ever for: historical novel lovers; those who yearn to go to Cairo; devotees of Middle Eastern intrigue; Christians, Muslims, and Jews; feminists and misogynists; intellectuals; travelers to exotic locales…

TheCairoCodex-3D-sm… real and armchair adventurers; those given to an astounding imagination and addicted to danger. Those who believe the Christmas story and want to walk with the Holy Family into Cairo….

 The Cairo Codex by Linda Lambert is the perfect gift…a riveting new novel set in Egypt 2000 years ago—and today. A captivating and suspenseful novel that portrays the lives of two provocative women, two millennia apart. One legendary; both heroic. This compelling novel explores the bold themes of dominant human desires, fundamentalism, sexual awakening, feminism, and the pressures that lead to revolution.

Egypt is a powder keg ripe for revolution, sparked by a discovery so shocking that religious and political forces converge to prevent its revelation and the Muslim Brotherhood plots to take over the country…

            The Cairo Codex, first in The Justine Trilogy.




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