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“I value the truth…” a note from Osiris

“I value the truth….”

Justine Jenner


Dear Linda,

You have done what I haven’t dared to do—write a novel, and a damn good one at that.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story and all of the subplots and back-stories. It brought back some of my fondest memories of our all-too-short visit to Egypt.

If I were a devout Christian or Muslim, I am not sure that I would rush out and buy a bunch of copies for my intimate group of friends and relatives—but, as you well know, I am not a devout anything—except for the cult of the three-toed sloth.

Obviously, your powers of description and deep insight into your characters far exceed anything that I’ve done and I am a bit jealous. And I shall, from this day forward, visualize cutting up the Cecil ballroom like the slices of a birthday cake—complete with ceiling-trim icing….

Love, Osiris (Seymour Collins)

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