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Traveling to Taos-entering the fine legacy of Mary Colter

We’re in glorious Santa Fe right now, leaving for Taos in the morning.  Many fascinating characters have materialized  along the road, a few no longer of this world.  One of special note is Mary Jane Colter, architect.  The southwest’s Julie Morgan. Mary Jane designed all of the restaurants for the magnificent hotels along the Santa Fe line–later Route 66 as well.  These hotels, run by Fred Harvey, became particularly notorious through the Harvey Girls (remember the film with Judy Garland?) In Winslow, we stayed at La Posada, the only hotel designed entirely by Mary Jane.  Today we had lunch at the La Fonda Hotel here in Santa Fe, another fine blend of pueblo and Spanish architecture.

Ah, research is so demanding! Linda

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One Response to “Traveling to Taos-entering the fine legacy of Mary Colter”

  1. Arnold Berke says:

    I enjoyed your comments on Mary Colter. I wanted to point out that she also had a hand in designing La Fonda in Santa Fe, when it was expanded and remodeled in the late 1920s. The architect of the overall job was the famous John Gaw Meem (at that time, not yet very famous) but Colter designed most of the interior, as well as bullying Meem into making changes on the outside!

    I am the author of Mary Colter: Architect of the Southwest, and remember my very enjoyable research — not at all demanding in this cae — through the Meem archives on this building, as well as staying at La Fonda. On quibble I and others have with the hotel is that the courtyard was roofed over many years ago, cutting off the wonderful connection with the night air and sky.

    Arnold Berke

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