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ASCD…not “Waiting for Superman”


My husband, Morgan, and I saw “Waiting for Superman” a few days before attending ASCD (Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, the annual conference of the world’s largest educational professional association).  We were depressed.  While the film is worth seeing, very well done, and inspiring in many ways—it also carries a tragic message: public schools can’t be saved. A poor child’s only choice is to enter the lottery to compete for the scare seats in a successful charter school.

Fortunately, the film, the governors of Wisconsin and New Jersey, and the general state of the union, have not depleted the profound optimism of the 8000 educators from 42 countries attending the conference.

Through themes like the whole child, self-directing and empowered students, brain-based learning, creativity, technology, engaging curriculum and fundamental school reform, evidence of success abounded.  From Singapore to London, New Zealand to Barbados, Brazil to New Brunswick, and all 50 US states, educators have found ways to inspire and provoke student learning in amazing ways.

Morgan and I presented a session on “Choosing Transformation in your own Race to the Top,” arguing that all schools can be deeply and sustainably changed.  Transformation for us means: redesigning the roles, relationships, structures,forms and time in order to create sustainable, high leadership capacity schools, districts and organizations.  Quite a mouthful.  Yet we have faith and optimism that schools are not only redeemable, but so is the sparkling humanity who occupy them.

Linda & Morgan


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