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Leaving for Egypt–Lebanon

Morgan and I are leaving for Cairo and Beirut this coming week. We are eager to return to friends in Egypt–and particularly discover how the revolution is going.  Our friends have mentioned that some released convicts are looting cars on the road to Alexandria breaking into a few homes, and engaging in a few kidnappings. A major concern is the increasing power of the Muslim Brotherhood–not in reference to safety, but in terms of the future of governance in Egypt.  We’ll be staying at the Shepheard Hotel and be more cautious than is our usual style. We’ll keep you posted.

The overall purpose of this trip is that I’ll be working in Beirut with TAMAM, an outstanding, inspiring school-based reform program based on an inquiry approach to improvement.  What is most remarkable is that the program is turning education on its head: inquiry instead of memorization.  Now, that doesn’t mean that students won’t memorize concepts, but it does mean that in these schools, memorization will no longer be the primary approach to learning. The pioneering schools–now in their 4th year–are in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Lebanon. In addition, guest from Morocco, Egypt, and Oman have been invited to attend.

More next week, Linda


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One Response to “Leaving for Egypt–Lebanon”

  1. Sr Dalal Rizkallah says:

    Dr Lambert,
    I attended the meetings at AUB (TAMAM), and I talked to you about my PHD process with Dr Rima. When I was reviewing my PHD references list I found that I have one of your articles entitled:Lasting Leadership, from the Educational Forum publications. Now that I know you, this article has a different meaning. because when I heard you explaining what it means to lead today, your thoughts made me reflect on my own style of leading, and on other styles too. The way you divided the types of leading into 4 types, reminded me of Hursey & Blancher style of leading called “the situational leadership model based on: the telling, selling, participating, & delegating. you put it in differnent words, and the new approach about it is that you linked the 4 models to the process of learning. I use to think that those models describe the attitude of different group of people, but your explanation clarified the notion that Those types of leading are processes of learning, an individual can go through as well as the group.

    I added your books on leading to my list of references, because I beleive they will contribute to the school reform process I am suggesting to my religious congregation, through the study I am conducting (the congregation owns 18 schools in Lebanon.

    I just wanted to say That it was a real enriching experience being at the gathering. I was excited about the new ideas you exposed regarding leadership. It made me reflect on my own practice as a responsible in a division in a high school in South Lebanon.
    So Thank you DR Linda for sharing with us your experiences and your thoughts. I am glad I had the opportunity to meet you in a learning context.
    wishing you the best
    Sr Dalal Rizkallah- Lebanon

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