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Moving with the wind…


Which is ferocious here.  Our neighbors from home, Sharon and Tom are here by way of small plane, which can’t fly now.  However, the wind doesn’t slow down the Taosenas nor thwart their creative impulses.  A generous and fascinating people.

On Saturday, we were all invited to a delicious dinner in the new home of Liz Cunningham and Skip Miller who seem to be at the apex of several other friends here. Liz is the keeper and writer of the website “Mabel Dodge Luhan and the Remarkable Women of Taos” and author of the acclaimed In Contemporary Rhythm: The Art of Ernest L. Blumenschein.” She is now preparing for the year of the woman, next year along with the Centennial of New Mexico.  The notion of how to identify  “remarkable women” is a companion to our search for “women to watch.”

Skip is a historian and forest archeologist (and potter) who knows Taos and the Pueblo Indians with an exacting intimacy that is immediately treasured.

We prepare to leave Taos on Wednesday. The short visit this time requires that we return in the summer and fall.  Perhaps I could linger longer on this book, continually finding excuses to return to this wonderful land.

While here, I’ve had the pleasure to read with the New Mexico Writers at Mabel Dodge Luhan’s on April 8, and at a book talk and signing in the DH Lawrence room of the La Fonda Hotel on April 15.  A busy time.  And, am getting close to the outline for the Taos book with these themes: DH Lawrence, the archeology of communities, Justine’s search for spirituality and consciousness, Amir’s participation in the revolution of Egypt.


Next post: reports from Egypt




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