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Journeying back to Taos….

With the release of the second novel in the Cairo Trilogy, Etruscan Evenings, Morgan and I enthusiastically return to Taos at the end of this week to pursue research on the third novel, Taos: Song of the Loom.  We are eager to reunite with friends and enjoy the beauty and culture of New Mexico. While there, I will be discussing Etruscan Evenings at the La Fonda Hotel in the Lawrence room on October 2 from 4-6, arranged with exceptional skill by Mary McPhail Gray and co-sponsored by The Friends of D.H. Lawrence and the bookstore, Moby Dickens.

It is a breathtakingly rich period in Taos.  On September 28, film producer Mark Gordon will be present his film-in-progress about Mabel Dodge Luhan at the Harwood Museum with Ali McGraw reading from Mabel’s Edge of the Desert.  On September 30, San Geronimo Day at the Pueblo draws Indians from all 19 pueblos and hundreds of visitors for the rituals and crafts of the southwest. Liz Cunningham, curator of the website “Mabel Dodge Luhan and the Remarkable Women of Taos” gives us stories of the artistic community and alerts us that 2012 will be the “Year of the Woman.”  BBC and author Geoff Dyer (Out of Sheer Rage: the Search for DH Lawrence) will be researching a new film on Lawrence.  The twenties are very much alive in Taos…reminds one of Woody Allen’s new film, “Midnight in Paris”! How delicious.

More from Taos….Linda


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